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Super Mario Odyssey: How to Use Photo Mode


Super Mario Odyssey: How to Use Photo Mode

Snap some touristy pics.

Using Photo Mode in Super Mario Odyssey

Like most beautiful games being released in this day and age, Super Mario Odyssey also comes with an in-game photo mode that allows you to take gorgeous shots of the environments and vistas you encounter. While there isn’t an in-game photo album that lets you leaf through your favorite shots, you can use the Switch’s capture function to snap the shots, then view them from the console gallery itself.

To activate photo mode in the game, all you have to do is push the down button on the d-pad. This will freeze the game, but you’ll still have control over the camera. There’s also quite a wide variety of filters to select from, and you can even put a GameBoy or SNES filter over the image if you want to. Other functions include tilt and zoom, so you can angle the shot just the way you want it before snapping it. Just remember to toggle off the HUD display before taking the shot so that you can get a clean picture. There’s also an option to overlay the game logo on the image, either in black and white or color, around the corners.

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