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Super Mario Odyssey: How to Throw Your Hat


Super Mario Odyssey: How to Throw Your Hat

How to Throw Your Hat in Super Mario Odyssey

With every brand new 3D Super Mario game comes a unique gameplay feature that makes it stand out from the other titles in the long-running franchise. Super Mario Odyssey’s new gameplay element is the titular character’s ability to throw his hat in front of him.

The first use of Mario’s hat in Super Mario Odyssey is for defeating enemies. While you can still jump on them, if you throw Mario’s hat directly at them will dispatch them quickly. You can also throw the hat while in mid-air, which alters Mario’s direction and allows him to extend the jump, or acts as a double jump if you jump on top of it. Mario can also turn into certain objects by throwing his hat at them, leading to some varied gameplay sections and some hilarious-looking creatures, such as a moustachioed Bullet Bill. While that isn’t what you’ll be mostly using the hat for, it is certainly an important feature of Mario’s famous head-wear throughout Super Mario Odyssey. Taking control of other items in the game gives you the chance to use their abilities as you explore the worlds and collect all the moons that are hidden away.

All of this can be performed by pressing Y on the Nintendo Switch, or by wiggling the right joy-con if you’re playing with the joy-cons disconnected from the Switch itself.

That is how you throw the hat in Super Mario Odyssey. For more tips, trick and guides, be sure to check out our extensive wiki.

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