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Super Mario Odyssey: Is Luigi in the Game?


Super Mario Odyssey: Is Luigi in the Game?

Is Luigi in Super Mario Odyssey?

Super Mario Odyssey is finally out, meaning Nintendo’s main mascot is once again in the spotlight. Fans are rejoicing at all the fun new mechanics introduced to the series, but some are using this time to once again ask, where’s his brother? Luigi doesn’t get nearly as much time to shine as his older sibling, so concerned fans are always on the lookout for him. Now that Mario has a new game, it’s only right that Luigi should show up in some way too, right?

Well, it would seem that just isn’t the case with Super Mario Odyssey. We’ve yet to see him pop up or even mentioned as Mario has embarked on an adventure with a new friend, Cappy, to save Princess Peach and Tiara. You can, however, dress as Mario’s brother if you really want him in Super Mario Odyssey, though. To do so, you need to scan either the regular or Smash Luigi amiibo in order to unlock his outfit and cap. You won’t fool anyone, though, as you’ll still be everyone’s favorite portly plumber.

If we do end up coming across Luigi during our adventure, we’ll be sure to update this post and let you know exactly where we crossed paths.

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