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Super Mario Odyssey: All Captures in the Game


Super Mario Odyssey: All Captures in the Game

Capture crazy.


In Super Mario Odyssey, there are a wide variety of objects and enemies that Cappy can capture for Mario to possess. We have a full list of all captures in Super Mario Odyssey for you, right here:

  1. Frog
  2. Spark Pylon
  3. Paragoomba
  4. Chain Chomp
  5. Big Chain Chomp
  6. Broode’s Chain Chomp
  7. T-Rex
  8. Binoculars
  9. Bullet Bill
  10. Moe-Eye
  11. Cactus
  12. Goomba
  13. Knucklotec’s Fist
  14. Mini Rocket
  15. Glydon
  16. Lakitu
  17. Zipper
  18. Cheep Cheep
  19. Puzzle Part ( Lake Kingdom)
  20. Poison Piranha Plant
  21. Uproot
  22. Fire Bro
  23. Sherm
  24. Coin Coffer
  25. Tree
  26. Boulder
  27. Picture Match Part (Goomba)
  28. Tropical Wiggler
  29. Pole
  30. Manhole
  31. Taxi
  32. RC Car
  33. Ty-foo
  34. Shiverian Racer
  35. Cheep Cheep (Snow Kingdom)
  36. Gushen
  37. Lava Bubble
  38. Volbonan
  39. Hammer Bro
  40. Meat
  41. Fire Piranha Plant
  42. Pokio
  43. Jizo
  44. Bowser Statue
  45. Parabones
  46. Banzai Bill
  47. Chargin’ Chuck
  48. Bowser
  49. Letter
  50. Puzzle Part (Metro Kingdom)
  51. Picture Match Part (Mario)
  52. Yoshi

Each of the captures all have their own moves and abilities, so have fun experimenting with all 52 of them. If you guys are looking for any more help on your adventure through Super Mario Odyssey, make sure to head on over to our ever-growing wiki guide on the game; it’s chock full of neat tips and tricks that will surely help you out while playing.

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