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Middle-earth Shadow of War: How to Beat Zog the Eternal


Middle-earth Shadow of War: How to Beat Zog the Eternal

How to Beat Zog the Eternal in Shadow of War

Middle-earth: Shadow of War has plenty of boss fights to keep players entertained, but Zog the Eternal might be one of the more difficult ones you can face. This guide will cover the last battle with him, but it has useful tips to take with you for any time you might face him.

This battle sucks. You’re put in a giant arena where there are multiple totems you need to purify, and all of your favorite enemies are back from the dead. They’re twitchy and mute this time, but they seem to remember you damn well. For this battle, the best advice I can give is hurry up to the totems and don’t bother with anything else. Go to each and every one of them and purify them quickly. It may seem impossible because each one is surrounded by acolytes and the undead captains, but you can run in and surprise them. Just make sure to instantly press and hold the purify button (Circle on PS4 and B on Xbox One). It may seem like you have a small amount of time to do this, but I found it worked each time to rush in and instantly start purifying. If you get attacked, of course, your purification will cancel.

Once you get all of the totems, all the undead captains and enemies on the field collapse. It was all that was keeping them living. Zog the Eternal, however… he’s forever. For this fight, here’s exactly what I did. It’s a pain in the butt, so if you manage to get fire be sure to use it on him instead since that’s his weakness. Get a bodyguard with a fire weapon before jumping into this, even. As I was typing this, I realized that’s what I could have done. But anyway, if you have the Shadow Strike ability, here’s a strategy you can do.

Use Shadow Strike on Zog. When he’s dazed and down with this, use your ground execution move. Rinse and repeat until you have the execution combo. Rinse and repeat the whole thing until he’s dead. It’s a pain in the butt like I said, but it works if you have no fire options. He’s very tough to hit normally as he’s a quick little orc, but whenever he strikes you can always wait for the counter command, too.

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