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The Nintendo Switch Has Won Popular Science’s Entertainment Innovation Award

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The Nintendo Switch Has Won Popular Science’s Entertainment Innovation Award

Look at our baby, all grown up.

The Nintendo Switch is still in its infancy, just over six months old. But already it is proving that Nintendo has a real hit with their latest console and it’s not just gamers that are taking notice.

Popular Science has crowned the Nintendo Switch with their “Entertainment Innovation of 2017” award, talking about exactly why this console beats out giants like Microsoft and Sony.

While Microsoft and Sony compete to see who can fit more computing power into their machines and app developers look for places to cram micro-transactions, Nintendo has built a system that bridges the gap between home and on-the-go play…The setup has its own battery and storage, so you can play Zelda on your lunch break just like you would in your living room. Each motion-sensitive Joy-Con can act as an independent controller for impromptu Mario Kart multiplayer battles.

This comes just before the Holiday season and with Super Mario Odyessy releasing on Oct. 27. And with the console selling nearly 5 million copies in its first 4 months, its popularity continues to give Nintendo an edge as some may already be crafting their Christmas lists.

And shortages of the console that may have plagued it earlier in its life is being worked on by Nintendo. The gaming company is reported to be increasing production of the Switch by 2 million units a month. This should help prevent shortages of the popular console in the months to come.

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