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Middle-earth Shadow of War: How to Brutalize


Middle-earth Shadow of War: How to Brutalize

How to Brutalize in Shadow of War

Middle-earth: Shadow of War brings back the combat that fans have come to love. As such, all of the classic abilities from Shadow of Mordor are available once again. Including the devastating Brutalize attack that will have orcs wincing and running from all of that gore.

You won’t be able to do it right away, though. You’ll need to level up first and get a skill point. Once you have your point, head over to the main menu and select the Character section. Once at this skill tree, make your way to the Predator section and select the second ability, Brutalize. Buy it using your point, and you’ll be able to slice and dice any unsuspecting enemies.

To Brutalize, you’re going to want to be in stealth and unseen. When your enemy is highlighted in red, you’ll know you’re within range to strike. Just hit the Brutalize button while in stealth (Triangle on PS4 or Y on Xbox One), and you will get nice and gorey. There are also two upgrades that you can purchase with skill points if you find that they’ll benefit you within the game. Brutalizing foes not only looks sick, its practical use is that it forces some enemies to run away in fear when they see their buddy’s neck getting sliced.

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