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Middle-earth Shadow of War: How to Get Money (Mirian) Fast


Middle-earth Shadow of War: How to Get Money (Mirian) Fast

How To Get Money (Mirian) Fast in Middle-earth Shadow of War

Always seem to be low on cash in the world of Middle-earth Shadow of War? You’ll need plenty of ideas on how to acquire Mirian, the in-game currency you can spend on improving your orc armies and spreading your influence across the land. A little Mirian is always good to have on hand, especially when it comes to leveling up your gear. Here are several ways you can make and retain Mirian so that you’ve got it on hand when you really need it.

Save, save, save!

Orc and gear drops are plentiful throughout Shadow of War, and you’ll see them happen quite often. They’ll level up as Talion does as you make your way through the game, so don’t waste your money on opening chests in the beginning of the game. Hold onto your precious Mirian until the later stages of the game, such as Act IV, before going on spending sprees since that’s when you really want to be rolling in the dough. Until then, you don’t really need to spend the extra cash on better loot and gear because the game’s got you covered on Orc captains and other drops up until then. You should have amassed quite a fortune by that act, so make sure you build up your stores in anticipation.

Finish those quests

This may seem like a no-brainer, but finishing quests will give you a decent amount of Mirian. Complete main story missions and look for secondary objectives while completing those that can earn you additional cash and goodies as you progress. Finish the secondary objectives that pop up before you finish the main objective so you ensure you get both rewards first, and you’ll up your Mirian count by the end of it all. Very simple.

Sell off the excess

You’ll often find several duplicates when it comes to gear in-game. Normal, rare, epic and legendary drops happen at random, and you’re guaranteed to get some gear you won’t be able to use. Make sure you don’t see your Legendary gear since it’s important to hold on to, but you can sell other duplicates around level 30 and upward for a decent amount of cash. You have no real need to collect and hoard certain gear as you aim to collect and level up your legendary sets, so feel free to sell off anything you’re not using.

Find and kill Treasure orcs

Some Orcs will randomly spawn with certain kinds of treasures, and you can kill them to take their special items. You’ll see them in packs or traveling alone, and you can seek them out from their black and white icons. If you kill one, you’ll get a special bonus. This can range from 50 Miran to 1,000 Mirian, both worth tracking down those special Orcs for.

Put your Orcs to work

You can make your Orcs battle to the death in the Pits scattered across Mordor. Send your Orcs to fight against others in the Maggot level fight, and watch him rise through the ranks up to Warrior status. If your orc can win at the Warrior level you’ll earn a hefty cash injection of 1,000 to 5,000 Mirian to play with, which is nothing to sneeze at.

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