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Middle-earth Shadow of War: How to Beat Tar Goroth


Middle-earth Shadow of War: How to Beat Tar Goroth

How to Beat Tar Goroth in Shadow of War

Tar Goroth is one of the bosses you’ll face in Middle-earth: Shadow of War, part of the Carnan quest line. It is no joke in its stature, and it looks like a Diablo ready to mess up the world with hellfire. Don’t worry, though, taking down this colossus is as easy as cake.

You’re likely having issue with the final battle you’ll encounter Tar Goroth in. Atop a frozen lake, you’re tasked with defeating this massive monster with only yourself. Carnan appears to be out of the picture… or so she seems to be.

When you’re running out on the frozen lake as Talion, don’t even bother fighting Tar Goroth. Survive for a bit of time. It may say that you need to beat him, but you need to survive until a cutscene triggers that has Carnan flying in, in the form of a drake.

Now, riding atop this icy drake, you can face Tar Goroth officially. Simply hurt him with the ice breath until he starts twirling his arm. At this point, fly to the left or right and get ready to avoid the flying fire balls that he’ll launch. They’ll be in a large cluster, so just do your best to avoid them by flying in one direction. Once he does this, you’ll be able to dive down (Square on PS4 or X on Xbox One) and do some real damage. The entire fight will have you doing this multiple times, until finally he’s put down. That’s all there is to beating this fiery monster!

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