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Middle-earth Shadow of War: How Long it Is and How Many Acts There Are


Middle-earth Shadow of War: How Long it Is and How Many Acts There Are

How Long Middle-earth: Shadow of War Is and How Many Acts There Are

Shadow of War gives players another chance to step into the shoes of Talion once more as he ventures across Mordor. Along the way, you’ll come face-to-face with a number of tough orcs and captains, and you’ll also be able to create your own orc army. Of course, time flies when your slicing and dicing orc, so many players are probably wondering how long Shadow of War is and how many acts there are to play through.

During our playthrough, we clocked in around 45 hours. This number can fluctuate a little depending on how many of the secrets, challenges, and side quests you decide to try out. Your skill level and the difficulty setting you play on could also sway this figure a little. It’s also worth noting that some players have complained about the true ending of Shadow of War requiring a hefty grind or you forking over some hard-earned cash for War Chests. As such, if you’re a completionist you can expect this number to be far higher if you’re avoiding microtransactions.

All of the game’s content is packed into four acts which will guide you through the overarching story.

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