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Middle-earth Shadow of War: How to Get Intel


Middle-earth Shadow of War: How to Get Intel

The more you know, the better.

How to Get Intel in Middle-earth: Shadow of War

If you want to take down the high-value orc targets in Middle-earth: Shadow of War, we definitely recommend that you gather some intel on your foes first before trying to hunt them down. By getting more intel, you’ll learn about a target’s strengths and weaknesses, such as the different attacks they specialize in, as well as the kinds of approaches they’re more fearful of.

To get intel, first, you’ll need to find a low-leveled orc, or worm as they’re called in Shadow of War, and interrogate them. Enter wraith mode by tapping the L1 button (or LB on Xbox One), and look for the enemies that are glowing in green. You’ll want to then sneak up on them, and press and hold the Circle button (B button on Xbox One) until a small meter fills up over their heads. After doing this successfully, Talion will be able to interrogate them, and you can choose the orc captain that you want the info for. This intel will be saved in your menu, and you can refer to it anytime you want.

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