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Middle-earth Shadow of War: How to Get a Bodyguard


Middle-earth Shadow of War: How to Get a Bodyguard

How to Get a Bodyguard in Shadow of War

Mordor is a pretty messed up place in Middle-earth: Shadow of War. You’re going to be attacked randomly about every five minutes. Everything wants to kill you. Naturally, it’ll be nice to have some friendly allies while you’re out and adventuring, right? That’s where bodyguards come in. Here’s how you can get yourself an orc bodyguard within the game.

Head to the start menu and select the Army section. It’s the first one; can’t miss it. Once here, hover over one of your allied orcs and select the Command menu (Triangle on PS4 and Y on Xbox One). Here’s where you can also give Training Orders, if you ever wanted to. Anyway, select the “Make My Bodyguard” option (X on PS4 and A on Xbox One) and you will have your own personal buddy. You can call upon them by selecting right on the d-pad while out and about.

You won’t have the same one for all parts of Mordor, though! For example, going to Nurnen from Cirith Ungol will will leave your bodyguard in Cirith Ungol. Make sure to do this every time you’re in a new area of the world so that you will no doubt be covered by your right-hand orc man. That’s all there is to getting a bodyguard in Middle-earth: Shadow of War!

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