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LawBreakers Drops to 10 Concurrent Players on Steam


LawBreakers Drops to 10 Concurrent Players on Steam

A new low.

Boss Key Productions’ newest IP LawBreakers has dropped to a new low today, hosting only ten players on its PC servers. Fortunately this was just enough to fill a single game in the 5-on-5 arena shooter.

Despite critical acclaim upon release and possessing additional marketing push from Cliff Bleszinski’s return to the gaming industry, the first-person multiplayer shooter has struggled to maintain a strong player count since its release this past August. Bleszinski has adamantly promised to support the game even with its low numbers, though today’s statistics don’t bode well for the title.

As of the time of this writing, Steam Charts indicates that LawBreakers’ player count has improved to 71 users on PC, signaling that many of the game’s dedicated fans were just away from keyword simultaneously. Still, LawBreakers would have to see a substantial increase if it would like to justify keeping its servers open at least until the end of the year.

The game saw a free weekend two weeks ago, which helped boost the amount of concurrent players to around 1,000. Numbers sharply decreased after that, however.

If you’re willing to give the game a chance, LawBreakers has fairly positive reviews from users on Steam. Patch 1.4 has proven a bit unpopular and matchmaking is undoubtedly more frustrating now with the low player counts, so it remains to be seen what exactly remains in the future for LawBreakers, if anything at all. Here’s hoping Bleszinski’s next project won’t release to such dismal reception.

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