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The Evil Within 2: How to Beat the Obscura Boss (Camera Lady)


The Evil Within 2: How to Beat the Obscura Boss (Camera Lady)

Say ‘cheese.’

How to Beat the Obscura Boss in The Evil Within 2

The Obscura is one of the more interesting bosses you’ll face in The Evil Within 2. With a camera lens for a face and three legs acting as a tripod, she’ll keep trying to stop the timer on the field emitter, and you have to stop her from doing so.

You can beat this fight easily enough with a handgun, so don’t waste your precious shotgun and sniper rifle ammo here. The stable field emitter has a countdown timer of 90 seconds, and the Obscura will keep trying to stop the timer by taking a snapshot of it to freeze time. Whenever she freezes the timer, you’ll need to un-freeze it by shooting the camera lens on her head. The Obscura moves around quickly, and she can climb on the walls and ceiling as well, so be sure to keep an eye above you if you happen to lose sight of her.

You’ll want to keep your distance as she has some pretty nasty melee attacks, but she can’t hurt you if you’re far away. Fire a shot into the camera lens to start the timer again, or if you’re not too accurate with the gun, a few body shots will stun her and un-pause the timer as well. Whenever the timer starts counting down, just continue to avoid the Obscura and save your bullets. Only shoot at her when she freezes the clock. Soon enough, you’ll have taken care of this The Evil Within 2 boss and can continue on your adventure.

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