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Breath of the Wild Producer Eiji Aonuma Confirms Story DLC Is Still Coming This Year

zelda breath of the wild champions ballad dlc still coming in 2017

Breath of the Wild Producer Eiji Aonuma Confirms Story DLC Is Still Coming This Year

And an announcement should be coming soon!

Nintendo announced a pair of DLC packs for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild back in June, with the Champions’ Ballad story content targeting a holiday release. Since then, however, Nintendo has said and shown next to nothing about Champions’ Ballad — until now.

A pair of key Nintendo figures have recently commented on the DLC. Appearing in a “special message” video clip on YouTube, Breath of the Wild Producer Eiji Aonuma said that not only is Champions’ Ballad still on track for this year, but that Nintendo will make an announcement about it “soon.” Aonuma said Nintendo is putting “great effort” behind Champions Ballad and asked that fans “hold on just a little longer.”

He also showed off the four amiibo figurines tied to the DLC. As Nintendo announced in September, the amiibo will launch on November 10, and many gamers have speculated that Champions Ballad could release around the same date.

To that end, Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime recently told Kotaku that Champions’ Ballad would not necessarily have the same release date as the amiibo. Like Aonumua, though, Fils-Aime teased a forthcoming announcement.

“We will shortly be announcing the date for that content,” he said, “so I would not lock and load on November 10.”

Fans who want Champions’ Ballad will have to purchase it for $19.99 in a bundle with the Master Trials DLC pack that released over the summer. Nintendo previously announced that Champions’ Ballad will focus on Princess Zelda’s story, but players will still control Link.


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