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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Revealed for Mobile Devices


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Revealed for Mobile Devices

Your campground awaits.

Nintendo has officially announced Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, the next entry in Nintendo’s line of mobile-centric properties, following Fire Emblem Heroes and Super Mario Run before it.

The adorable, miniaturized version of Animal Crossing takes campers to their own campsite to give them a brand new title: camp manager. As camp manager, players will be able to customize their own manager down to his or her eyes, skin color, outfit, and accessories, while embarking on a journey to attract new animal friends and build the best campsite they possibly can.

Much like the previous Animal Crossing titles, players will need to gather resources from around the campsite in order to progress, such as fruit and wood in order to craft items. You’ll also be able to make decorative and functional furniture items, like couches or even baskets and plants. You’ll chat with villager Cyrus to create special decorative items, and the more you make and fulfill requests from villagers, the better off your fledgling campsite will be.

Just like in several other mobile titles that require time to create items, there will be timers and premium currency to speed up the process. You can earn Leaf Tickets to speed things up during normal gameplay, or you can purchase them with real-world cash. You can use them in a variety of different ways, but spending money doesn’t look to be a requirement in order to succeed.

Social elements and friendships will play a large role in the game as well, with the ability to share your in-game Player ID with real-life friends much like the previous games so your human buddies can visit your campsite. Random avatars will also have a chance at visiting as well. You can even spend your Bells for items they have if you so desire.

While you’re playing, time will pass in real-time as you shop through the Market Place for new items, customize your camper (inside and out!) and check out the seasonal events eventually rolling out after launch. It certainly sounds like there’s plenty to do, even for casual Animal Crossing fans, so if you’re ready to get your mobile Animal Crossing on, you can expect the game late next month in November.

Make sure you follow the official Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp site for updates. You can check out the entirety of the 15-minute Nintendo Direct presentation below.

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