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You Can Check Out Skyrim: Special Edition’s Survival Mode on Steam Now


You Can Check Out Skyrim: Special Edition’s Survival Mode on Steam Now

How long can you survive?

Skyrim Creation Club has a special mode called Survival Mode that lets you wander throughout the lands combating hunger, fatigue, and various other status effects meant to be a transformative experience for the game, if you’re into that kind of thing. You can opt into beta testing for the mode now if you’re hankering for something a little different.

You lose the ability to fast travel, which makes the mode a lot more of a challenging prospect in addition to all of the other changes implemented in-game. It sounds like a much more difficult version of any of the rest of the survival-based titles out there, which probably makes it a pretty formidable choice to spend time in. It’s all part of Bethesda’s Creation Club program, where you can choose to pay real-world cash for “official” mods.

If you’re interested in checking out what it has to offer, you can simply opt into the Steam beta mode on PC or wait until October when Creation Club and Survival Mode additions are added to the game for console players. PC players will get the mode free for a week when it’s available on their chosen platform. Extending the life of Skyrim and offering more for players to do? Fus-ro-duh!


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