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This Weekend You Can Play Overwatch for Free on PC, PS4, and Xbox One


This Weekend You Can Play Overwatch for Free on PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Which character will you be playing this weekend?

To all members of Overwatch…and those who are not currently playing the game. Listen up! From Sept. 22 – 25 you can dive into the popular team-based, first-person shooter without owning the title. And it doesn’t matter what system you’re on. If you belong to the PC master race, the PlayStation fanboys and girls, or the Xbox die-hards, you get to play Overwatch, and your friends get to play Overwatch! Everybody gets to play Overwatch!

Okay, but more seriously, right now is a good time for those who haven’t picked up the Blizzard FPS to get into the game. Since its launch, the fans of Overwatch have seen the game’s roster grow from just 12 characters to 25 now, as well as getting to fight on new maps, the most recent being Junkertown. In fact, Junkertown is live now across all platforms so that anyone taking advantage of the free weekend can also test out the new location.

The modes available to the newcomers include Quick Play, the most standard version of online play that gets gamers into matches quickly, Custom Play, as well as the Arcade. And, just like with the purchased version of Overwatch, you will be able to level up with experience earned from playing online as well as collect and open loot boxes containing various cosmetic items and additional voice lines.

If you decide that after playing the game all weekend long that you want to buy Overwatch, there’s some good news too. All of your progress from the free period will carry over, allowing you to pick up from exactly where you left off.

If you aren’t sure how to install the free version of the game, don’t sweat it! Blizzard goes over that as well as the free play weekend schedule by time zone on their website. Good luck and have fun!

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