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NBA 2K18: Best Layups for Your MyPlayer


NBA 2K18: Best Layups for Your MyPlayer

Make your layups “unblockable.”

Layups, while not as devastating as slamming a dunk, are graceful on the eyes and easily earn you a quick two-point score. There are a few layup packages to choose from in NBA 2K18, and choosing the right animation is important for a few reasons.

Due to the lack of a shot meter display for layups, you will solely rely on your player’s animation to time the shot release. With this in mind, you need to find layup animations that you’re most comfortable with. Additionally, some layups are harder to contest, such as Steph Curry’s signature floaters.

Developer Visual Concepts has largely changed the collection of purchasable layup packages in NBA 2K18. Instead of having a collection of animations from notable NBA players, NBA 2K18 has grouped them to a certain style. Below are all the details of each layup animations as detailed before by gameplay director Mike Wang:

  • Circus: Kyrie Irving type “jelly” layups.
  • Crafty: Steph Curry scoop layups, around the back finish, etc.
  • Euro Specialist: The perfect package for Dwyane Wade.
  • Explosive: Designed for long jumpers who can explode off of a Launchpad like Russell Westbrook.
  • Floater Specialist: Lots of nice quick teardrops a la Tony Parker or D-Rose.
  • Long Athlete: Great for long swings like the Giannis “Greek Freak” Antetokounmpo.
  • Tank: Modeled after strong athletic finishers like LeBron.
  • Unathletic Small: Don’t want to name names, but we all know the kinds of guys that deserve this package.
  • Then of course the traditional default smalls, swings, and big packages.

The 2,000 VC-priced Crafty package has one of the quickest layups to get an easy basket. While not flashy, it’s difficult for defenders to contest due to the quick layup animation. The default and Explosive packages also have a quick release. Meanwhile, the Circus layup looks great due to its playfulness, but leaves you vulnerable long enough to get blocked. Regardless, there’s no such thing as a best set of layups for NBA 2K18. Simply choose the best one that suits your play style.

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