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Lawbreakers Free Weekend Begins September 28 on Steam

Why is Lawbreakers failing

Lawbreakers Free Weekend Begins September 28 on Steam

It’s going to be clashing with the COD: WWII beta. Bad move Boss Key?

Lawbreakers has been in the news lately for the wrong reasons, with many reporting that the game is suffering from extremely low player counts on Steam, and in many cases, people will struggle to find a match. This weekend, however, there should be an influx of players into the game thanks to a free weekend set to commence from September 28 on Steam. The game’s developer, Boss Key Productions, made the announcement through a stylish trailer inter-cut with old-style weapons training guides.

In most cases, a free weekend at this point would be a brilliant move from Boss Key, as the recent updates and quality-of-life changes to the game could really bring some new players in permanently. However, they couldn’t have picked a worse time to launch the free period – the Call of Duty WWII multiplayer beta begins September 29, just one day following the start of the Lawbreakers weekend.

This doesn’t mean Lawbreakers should be written off this weekend, but it definitely means that many players will be electing to play COD instead of the gravity-defying, physics altering shooter. If you get the chance at all, give them both a try – both games are fun in their own right, and make for very different experiences.

The Lawbreakers free weekend starts at 10AM PDT on September 28, which is this coming thursday. You won’t be able to pre-load the game, whereas COD is available for pre-loading right now, but don’t let this put you off trying both games out. Call of Duty: WWII is set to launch on November 3.

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