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Destiny 2: How to Use Shaders


Destiny 2: How to Use Shaders

How to Use Shaders in Destiny 2

Ah, Shaders. These were highly coveted items in the original Destiny since they allowed players to really leave their mark on their guardians. You can make entire set pieces look completely different with the right Shader, or coordinate with your clan/Fireteam in order to represent when out on missions or hanging out in social spaces. Shaders still serve the same purpose in Destiny 2, only they work just a bit differently.

Shaders are no longer a one size fits all. Each item has its very own Shader slot in Destiny 2, and the coloring is now considered a consumable that you must pay Glimmer to apply (250). Go to the weapon, armor piece, ship, ghost, or sparrow, that you want to color, go to the Shader slot, and pick the one you want to apply. You can preview how Shaders look on the gear by pressing Triangle to see if you like the new look. If you do, use it and you’ll consume one of these pretty little items. Do that for all pieces that you want to customize. If you’re worried about not having enough, you can always get more as rewards (they drop fairly regularly) and from Bright Engrams (where you can even get exotic ones that tend to have metallic and even glowing bits).

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