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Destiny 2: How to Trigger Cabal Excavation Heroic Public Event


Destiny 2: How to Trigger Cabal Excavation Heroic Public Event

How to Trigger the Cabal Excavation Heroic Public Event in Destiny 2

Cabal Excavation is a Destiny 2 public event that drops a huge drill on the surface of a planet and sends hordes of Cabal to stop guardians from tampering with it. The player’s job is to capture the point that the drill is on in order to disable it. If that’s not your cup of tea, though, you can instead ignore that and go for the heroic version of this public event which changes the objective to destroying a powerful Cabal boss.

As you’re capturing the point in the Cabal Excavation public event, there will be a red ship that spawns called a Thresher. It will only stick around for a few seconds as it rains down fire on you and your Fireteam before leaving. You must destroy that ship. If it leaves, you’ll get a couple more chances since it will come around again to deliver another volley of missiles. Just keep someone on the lookout for it and once it appears, destroy it.

Once it’s down, the drill will disappear and the Cabal Excavation Heroic boss will summon. Hit him with everything you’ve got until he falls (supers do a ton of damage to him). Once he’s dead, open the chest that drops and collect your standard completion chest as well (spawns where the drill was) for some sweet Destiny 2 loot.

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