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Destiny 2: How to Sprint


Destiny 2: How to Sprint


As anyone who’s played the original Destiny would probably know, you need to master the art of movement and positioning to perform well in all of Destiny 2’s modes. As is the case with most other first-person shooters, you’re going to want to sprint and the button to do so in Destiny 2 is the same as it was in the first game.

You move around the world using the left thumbstick (L3) and to sprint you hold down that stick as you move. You will need to sprint in Destiny 2 to get to objectives in the Crucible mode, escape enemies in single player, and get to loot quickly in every mode. If you don’t take full advantage of sprinting you will find some areas of the game difficult, especially the player vs player modes. It can be particularly useful if you are overwhelmed by enemies or surrounded by other players when taking part in online competitions. As with other shooters, you can only sprint for a certain amount of time because your stamina will run out after a few seconds.

Sprinting is as simple as you’d expect in Destiny 2 and is vital to success in all of the games modes. Make sure to take a look at our wiki for more on the game.

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