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Bungie Says Destiny 2 Players May Get Stuck in the Server Queue

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Bungie Says Destiny 2 Players May Get Stuck in the Server Queue

Whatever you do, don’t back out!

Bungie yesterday launched Destiny 2, one of the year’s biggest multiplayer releases and the highly anticipated sequel to 2014’s Destiny. But the masses of gamers rushing to hop online and play may have a wait ahead of them because of how massive the line to play is.

“As Destiny 2 becomes available in more regions, players may encounter the Destiny Server Queue when signing-in,” tweeted Bungie just before the game’s release.

Along with the warning, the tweet linked to a page on Bungie’s website explaining the issue in more detail. The post explained that this is the same server queue problem that many players encountered in Destiny 1, though the two games each have their own individual queue. Both games’ servers are configured to “regulate player population to provide stable conditions for Destiny gameplay.”

While dropping out and starting a search for a new game may be tempting to some players, Bungie notes that this will only serve to send them to the back of the queue. Similarly, players who lose their connections while in the queue or who are unable to connect to the game’s servers after reaching the front of the queue will also be sent to the back of the virtual line.

Bungie also noted that players’ wait times will vary based on how many other players are currently in line and playing Destiny 2.


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