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Super Mario Odyssey Cover Receives Puzzling Change

Super Mario Odyssey Framerate

Super Mario Odyssey Cover Receives Puzzling Change

Changing more than hats.

The box art for Super Mario Odyssey is a fantastic collage of scenes showcasing the talented plumber embarking on some of his grandest adventures yet. But in the time since it was first shown off, a small change has occurred.

As pointed out by Nintendo Everything, the scenes originally depicted showed Mario standing in the shadow of the bones of a titanic dinosaur, fighting a Hammer Bro in a polygonal world, leaping through New Donk City, and running through an arid desert in a poncho and sombrero. The last image has since been removed, replaced by an image of the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom swimming through the depths of the ocean, surrounded by Cheep Cheeps and sporting a stylish swim suit and snorkel.

Here is the original cover:

Super Mario Odyssey

And the updated version:

Super Mario Odyssey

The change is likely nothing to think too hard about. The game does feature an eclectic mix of worlds and scenarios, and the marketing team might have been struggling to decide what images best represent the game. This change will mean very little when the game finally releases, but it is an interesting look at the Nintendo marketing machine at work.

Super Mario Odyssey will release on October 27, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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