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Street Fighter V 30th Anniversary Costumes Announced


Street Fighter V 30th Anniversary Costumes Announced

Celebrating in style.

With the 30th anniversary of the Street Fighter franchise coming later this month, Capcom announced today via their official blog that specially themed Street Fighter V costumes for M. Bison, Guile, Ibuki and Karin will be available on August 29 for $3.99 each. They will arrive just in time for the celebration taking place the day after.

Featured below, the DLC seems to take influence from the series’ country of origin (Japan), as the male characters are wearing military vestments reminiscent of the country’s early 20th century style and the female characters are adorning attire very similar to the traditional yukata. The costumes fit each character’s background and personality well, especially in the case of Bison.

Street Fighter V Costumes Street Fighter V Costumes Street Fighter V Costumes Street Fighter V Costumes

The original Street Fighter released on August 30, 1987 in arcades and has since become Capcom’s third best-selling video game franchise (behind Resident Evil and Monster Hunter) at 39 million copies sold worldwide. The second iteration in the series is considered by many in the fighting game community as a benchmark from which other titles in the genre are compared, as Street Fighter II established many of the modern conventions of one-on-one style game combat.

As for the latest main entry game in the series, Street Fighter V released on PlayStation 4 and PC last year and features cross-platform play between the two platforms. The title launched as a console exclusive because, according to Capcom, both the developer and Sony had “the same vision for growth potential in the fighting game space.”

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