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Pokemon GO: How to Start a Raid Battle


Pokemon GO: How to Start a Raid Battle

How to Start a Raid Battle in Pokemon GO

Taking part and starting a raid battle in Pokemon GO is a fairly simple process to get going, but actually completing one can be quite the challenge.

While playing Pokemon GO, you’ll be notified about nearby gyms that will host a raid battle. To start the raid battle, you’ll need to make sure you that you return to that gym as it’s getting ready to begin and then prepare your Pokemon to challenge it. In order to participate you’ll need a raid pass, so make sure you grab that before trying to start. After that, you’ll be able to join a group of other trainers and select the six Pokemon you want to go to battle with. Trust us, you may want to start the raid off solo, but you’re much better off rolling with other trainers if they are around and available. The raid battle will start once the timer ends and everyone is ready to go.

After you’ve completed the battle, the Pokemon’s CP will decrease and you’ll be given Premiere Balls to attempt to catch it. The better you do, the more opportunities to catch it you will have. However, if you run out, you’ll miss out on your chance, so cross your fingers.

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