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PlayStation Teases “Reveal of Something New”

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PlayStation Teases “Reveal of Something New”

Is a PlayStation 5 announcement incoming?

Though PlayStation hasn’t confirmed any plans for this year’s Gamescom, the publisher teased that they are “getting geared up for the reveal of something new” via its official European Twitter account earlier today.

The accompanying GIF is simply that of several lights shinning upon something cloaked by a red curtain.

Though many may be quick to assume some kind of hardware announcement, given PlayStation’s history it’s probably not anything too groundbreaking. This being said, it will still be interesting to see what the publisher has in store, especially given how competitor Xbox has dominated the talk as of late with more information regarding the Xbox One X.

This may have nothing to do with the Gamescom entirely, rather serving as the first of a series of posts building up to big news at Paris Games Week in October – an industry event that PlayStation has already confirmed to be holding a media briefing for.

In any case, it remains to be seen what exactly the publisher has it store for fans in the (possibly near) future. Aside from the aforementioned Paris Games Week, PlayStation will also be holding its annual PlayStation Experience this December 9 and 10 in Anaheim, California. If you want to bank in on the hype, early bird two-day tickets are still available for $65 and will allow fans special access to “game developers and PlayStation personalities.”

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