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Latest Xbox One Dashboard Update is Live Now for Insiders

Xbox One Dashboard Update


Latest Xbox One Dashboard Update is Live Now for Insiders

The Xbox One is unfortunately not going back to the blade interface in the latest Home update.

Xbox One is getting yet another new layout update in the new future, and Microsoft has announced that Xbox Insiders can begin testing it today. The new Xbox dashboard aims to make the user interface more customizable, less confusing, and more sociable. You’ll be able to pick the games and activities you like most ot tag to the Home screen, and based on those choices you’ll see suggestions for friends, games, and activities that are most suited to you.

Starting today Xbox Insiders have access to the new Home, Guide, and Community layouts, but more will be coming soon. In the fall updated Avatars, Profiles, Game Hubs, and other aspects of the UI will be available for testing. For now, there’s no firm release date for this new Xbox One interface, but Major Nelson gave a lot of details, which we’ve covered below.

Xbox One Dashboard Update: The new Home screen

The new look of the Xbox One Home screen is based on a new system called “Microsoft Fluent Design” which looks like it’ll bring Xbox and Windows more in line with each other as far as the interface. You can add favorite games and friends to the screen by selecting one, hitting the menu button, and selecting “Add to Home.” This will add a new block of content that can be moved around the Home screen.

These blocks will evolve, with a game block perhaps pulling an Activity Feed post from the developer. The Home, Social, and My Games and Apps screens are no longer separate which should lead to players getting to the info they want faster.

For more info about the upcoming Xbox One UI update, see the clip below. As stated above, Microsoft hasn’t commented on a release date yet, but with the Xbox One X releasing on November 7, there’s a good chance the new UI will launch alongside it.


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