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Four Characters from Fire Emblem Fates Come to Fire Emblem Warriors


Four Characters from Fire Emblem Fates Come to Fire Emblem Warriors

The families of Nohr and Hoshido are united once more

The Fire Emblem Warriors roster just got a little bigger. Nintendo revealed in a Gamescom trailer that Hinoka, Takumi, Camilla, and Leo, will be playable in Koei Tecmo’s latest Nintendo meets Dynasty Warriors spin off. Curiously absent from the trailer are Elise and Sakura, the only members of the Hoshidan and Nohrian royal families currently missing from the roster.

Minor story details are sprinkled throughout the latest trailer, showing Xander and Ryoma each making a plea to Corrin to join their side in battle, mirroring the events of Fire Emblem Fates. Instead of choosing a side, however, it is revealed that both princes are searching for their lost siblings. The game’s protagonists, Rowan and Lianna. will seek to reunite these royal families against a common enemy.

While gameplay details were tough to spot, Hinoka and Camilla both ride their trusty mounts. Hinoka will fight using a naginata, while Camilla uses an axe. Leo, a mounted mage, fights with his signature tome, Brynhildr, and Takumi will snipe foes with his divine Fujin Yumi.

With Fire Emblem Warriors still slated for Fall 2017, per the trailer, character reveals have been rapid. In the past two weeks the pegasus knight Cordelia and the female version of Robin were confirmed for the roster. Fire Emblem Warriors launches in Japan on September 28th, so fans won’t have to wait long to learn the full cast.

You can watch the full trailer below.


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