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It Turns out That Only 60% of Final Fantasy XV Players Have Beaten the Game

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It Turns out That Only 60% of Final Fantasy XV Players Have Beaten the Game

After a month of release, only 30% of players finished.

Fans of the Final Fantasy series waited a long time for the eventual release of Final Fantasy XV (10 years to be exact). Square Enix’s JRPG is indeed a big one; with tons of sidequests, story content, and a huge world to explore, FFXV contains hours upon hours of gameplay for players to dive deep into.

It’s been almost a year since the game has launched but it seems that players have been putting the game aside for other titles, because according to a Kotaku interview with Final Fantasy director, Hajime Tabata, only 60% of players have actually completed Final Fantasy XV since launch. Tabata explains that “There’s a certain metric we use to judge success[completion rate].” He also states how much the completion rate was after a month of release, which was at 30%. That 30% is expected since it takes quite some time to finish the main story of the game, but it’s surprising to know that 40% of players have not gotten to the end of the game yet, even after almost a year of being out.

Square Enix has also announced a Pocket Edition of Final Fantasy XV that will be coming to smartphones later this year, and will be a chibi-version of the JRPG that will be released episodically.


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