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New DUSK Trailer is All About Killing and Strafing



New DUSK Trailer is All About Killing and Strafing

Shooting from DUSK till dawn.

A new trailer has been released for DUSK, the upcoming FPS from New Blood Interactive.

The trailer showcases more of the gameplay, highlighting the quick and bloody action, as well as some of the locales players can expect to murder their enemies in. DUSK is a strafe-based game, in the same vein as Quake or Doom. Its graphics are also reminiscent of an earlier age of first person shooter.

The objective of the game is pretty straight forward: kill everything. You’ll wield a plethora of devastating weapons and use them to tear through orders of enemies. The game is set in small, dilapidated villages and old castles, giving the entire experience a sense of tension and horror.

The entire game is a love letter to the titles that kickstarted the FPS genre. It looks incredibly fast, with plenty of room for veterans and newcomers alike to enjoy its sleek and maneuverable combat.

While the trailer focused on the single player campaign, it did reveal that multiplayer will be shown off for the first time at QuakeCon.

DUSK will releases later this year on PC.

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