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Swery65’s New Game Revealed by Fig as The Good Life


Swery65’s New Game Revealed by Fig as The Good Life

The night belongs to cats.

The latest project from Deadly Premonition and D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die creator Swery65 has been announced. The new game, revealed via special Fig mailer sent out to supporters of the service, is called The Good Life, from Hidetaka “Swery65” Suehiro’s new studio White Owls. It’s regarded as a “mystery RPG” and there’s a Fig crowdfunding project on the way that begins on September 2 at 7:OO PM PT following the PAX West 2017 panel we spoke briefly on last we mentioned Swery.

The Good Life looks like a strange yet colorful adventure that follows a photographer named Naomi as she explores the town of Rainy Woods. It’s called the “happiest town in the world,” but obviously there’s something weird going on behind the scenes. Naomi, from New York, is all the in rural England checking out this town when she discovers the secret it’s hiding. Everyone who lives in the town ends up turning into a cat at night. Naomi ends up turning into a cat as well, which should make for some entertaining stories.

Swery’s new project is just a quirky and weird as we expected, but we’ll have to wait until the upcoming PAX West panel to hear more about it. For now, you can check out the game’s Fig campaign page to learn more, and check out some of the other Swery games out there as well.


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