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Naoki Yoshida Wants to Keep Working on Final Fantasy XIV, Says They’ll Keep Adding Jobs to the Game

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Naoki Yoshida Wants to Keep Working on Final Fantasy XIV, Says They’ll Keep Adding Jobs to the Game

It’s not going away anytime soon.

When Final Fantasy XIV was first released, it was widely regarded as a massive failure. It wasn’t too long before servers were shut down, and the game was written off by many fans. However, director Naoki Yoshida took over the project and did the impossible: he revitalized the game, and it was rebranded as A Realm Reborn. Today, the MMO enjoys a healthy subscriber base, with regular patches and updates adding more story content to it.

The upcoming expansion, Stormblood, will have players travel to Ala Mhigo, where they’ll get to access the new Samurai and Red Mage jobs. Speaking with Polygon, Yoshida stated that the team plans to keep adding new jobs to the game for as long as they can.

‘“I don’t think we’ll ever get to the point where we want to stop adding jobs,” director Naoki Yoshida told Polygon. “For future expansions, adding jobs is really important. We couldn’t imagine not having new jobs. It’s part of the Final Fantasy series, and everybody loves jobs.”

“I believe that leveling in and of itself can be enjoyed as content,” he said. “Choosing which jobs to add will get harder and harder as we progress, but we still want to add them.”’

Yoshida also mentioned that he had no desire to move on from Final Fantasy XIV, and plans to stick it for quite some time to come.

‘“I don’t get the urge to move on to a new game at all,” Yoshida said. “Any new ideas that come up, I feel like I could go ahead and actualize them within Final Fantasy 14. Of course, if Square Enix requests for me to create a new and different game, I would have to consider what is being requested of me. But to be quite honest, I don’t think I get that itch to move on.”’

Final Fantasy XIV is now available on PC and PS4, and Stormblood is set to be released on June 20.

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