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Prey: Where to Find Computer Passwords


Prey: Where to Find Computer Passwords

Where to Find Computer Passwords in Prey

As you explore the Talos I in Prey, you’ll come across a number of computer workstations that are password protected. There’s normally something you’ll want to either read or download on these, so you’ll need to find a way in. Here’s where to find computer passwords in Prey.

Fortunately for Morgan, TranStar employees have a convenient tendency to leave their passwords written down nearby. As such, you’ll want to check the desk, drawers, and even the computer monitor itself. They’re normally written on sticky notes, so anything luminous is worth inspecting closely.

Once you’ve found the computer password written down, simply make your way over to the terminal and look at the screen. Look at the screen and you should now be able to enter the password and gain access to the computer.

If you’re struggling to find certain computer passwords, remember you’ve always got the option to hack into workstations. This does require you to have unlocked the necessary Neuromods, though, so keep this in mind when upgrading Morgan.

That’s all there is to finding computer passwords in Prey. For more tips, tricks, and information on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide.

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