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Prey: How to Use Your Flashlight


Prey: How to Use Your Flashlight

How to Use Your Flashlight in Prey

Some areas in Prey can get really dark, and we don’t mean thematically (though that holds true as well). It can be impossible to see thanks to damage done to Talos-I which has the electricity and lights in some areas on the fritz. Thankfully, you have a trusty flashlight to illuminate the world around you and make sure you don’t bump into those murderous, alien enemies at the other end of that dark room.

To use your flashlight in Prey is simple, simply tap up on the d-pad and you’re all set to go. One thing to note, however, is that it’s not unlimited as it is in most games. Instead, your flashlight in Prey runs on a battery. Don’t worry though, it’s self-charging (no scavenging for Duracells in this game). Its charge lasts a few minutes, then it takes a few seconds to charge completely. You can see it charging in the lower, left-hand side of the screen, right above your life bars. If you don’t see a flashlight symbol there, it means that the device is fully charged.

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