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Prey: Where to Get Neuromods


Prey: Where to Get Neuromods

Where to Get Neuromods in Prey

Neuromods are a very important item in Prey because they essentially serve as this game’s skill points. You use them to unlock perks and abilities that help expand your options and strengths as you explore Talos-I. Since they aren’t tied to experience, you’ll have to actually hunt them down, which requires keeping your eyes peeled for them. Here are places where you’re likely to find some.

Display Stands – Scattered throughout the space station are advertisements for Neuromods. While they don’t all have real ones, some do (including the very first one you see). So walk up and see if there’s one waiting for you.

Near Human Bodies – We’ve found quite a few on or near human corpses. If you come across any dead people, be sure to search them, their belongings and the surrounding area.

Safes and Other Locked Places – Locks are usually meant to protect something valuable, and Neuromods are among the most valuable items in the game. Crack them by finding codes or hacking and you have a chance of finding some skill points.

NPCs- Some NPCs will give you useful items.

When All Else Fails, Craft Them – Once you gain access to fabricators, you can actually craft these items by using exotic materials.

That’s all the places we’ve found to be best for grabbing Neuromods in Prey. For more on Prey, be sure to check out our wiki.

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