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Prey: Best Scientist Neuromods to Invest In


Prey: Best Scientist Neuromods to Invest In

Best Scientist Neuromods in Prey

The Scientist Neuromods in Prey focus on healing, collecting resources from enemies, and hacking computers and other terminals. It’s the one tree with the least amount of skills in Prey, but there are some useful ones.

Hacking – Now this one comes with a disclaimer of sorts. If you plan on playing Prey with a guide or looking up every password and code, then do not waste your points on these Scientist Neuromods. It’s only useful if you plan on playing blindly and want to be a world famous hacker.

Necropsy – This allows you to recover more valuable organs from Typhon corpses. You can then recycle those for exotic materials which can then be crafted into more Neuromods.

Metabolic Boost – For two points you can double the duration of the Well Fed bonus as well as the health regained from eating. Since food is a lot more common than Medkits (especially on higher difficulties) you’ll want to be able to make the most of it.

Physician I & II – What you really want is II, but you can’t get it without its little brother. It will increase Medkit effectiveness to 300%, making that rare item far more useful.

For more on Prey, be sure to check out our wiki.

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