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Top 25 Biggest Open World Games This Console Generation (Biggest Video Game Maps)

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Top 25 Biggest Open World Games This Console Generation (Biggest Video Game Maps)

Does size really matter? We find out which game comes up top trumps when it comes to map size.

15. Skyrim Special Edition – 14.79 mile²

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The Elder Scrolls has long been famed for its massive open worlds. As far back as Morrowind III back in 2002, critics were lauding the franchise for its unprecedented open world scope, and Skyrim continued to set the benchmark when it first launched 10 years later.

Fast forward to present day, however, and Skyrim’s once considered huge open world actually clocks in a fairly modest 14.79 mile² or 38.31 km2 .

Figures for Skyrim’s total size vary across the internet, with most consensus hovering around the 39km mark. An individual from the Skyrim modding community shed light on how the measurement is calculated:

Bethesda games typically use a 64 “units” to 1 yard (or 70 units to 1 meter) scale. Exterior cell sizes have also remained 4096 units across since Morrowind, making each cell 64 yards long and wide.

Skyrim’s open world map is 119 cells across and 94 high, as verified by the game’s Creation Kit. Multiplying those numbers by 64 yards gives 7616 x 6016 yards, or 45,817,856 square yards / 38.31 km2 / 14.79 mile².

It’ll be interesting to see what Bethesda does with the open world in the upcoming Elder Scrolls VI.

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