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Splatoon 2’s Release Date Confirmed During New Nintendo Direct

splatoon 2

Splatoon 2’s Release Date Confirmed During New Nintendo Direct

Kid or squid?

While Nintendo’s latest Direct was a rapid fire of a ton of news ranging from the 3DS to Switch, Splatoon 2 got love at the end as well! Not only were a new mode and new details revealed, but the release date of the awaited sequel to the hit third person shooter was also detailed.

Fans won’t have to wait all that much longer to get their hands on some kid versus squid action, as Splatoon 2 will officially release on the Nintendo Switch on Jul. 21. You will be able to get your ink on yet again in some fast-paced arena battles. There was also a new mode called Salmon Run that basically acts a horde mode. Thus, Splatoon 2 continues the trend of making the series very co-op based, which always great to see and should take advantage of the Switch quite well.

Of course, one of the last revealed for the Splatoon segment were the new amiibo that you can expect to buy with the sequel. It’s essentially a way to keep tabs on your favorite outfits in the game when you’re not playing the game on your own Switch.

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