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Persona 5: How Many Colors Question Answer


Persona 5: How Many Colors Question Answer

What’s the Answer to the How Many Colors Question in Persona 5?

While attending Shujin Academy in Persona 5 you’ll sometimes have to actually go to class. Often times this involves just sitting there and listening, but sometimes you’ll actually be called on to share your knowledge with the rest of the class. There will be times when you just might not know the answer to the question, though, like on 4/27 when you’re asked about how many colors are needed to color a map of Japan with no adjacent spaces sharing the same color.

It’s a bit tricky as you try to plot out the possible combinations to make it work, and honestly, it can get a bit dizzying. After all, you’re just staring at a white sheet with a bunch of crisscrossing black lines. So how many colors does it take? Four. The teacher explains how this is used for all flat maps and how it makes everything clear and easy to see. Everyone will be astonished at how you, the rumored bad boy of Shujin Academy, knew that and you’ll gain a slight Knowledge boost for your efforts and a bit more respect from them as well.

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