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Zelda Breath of the Wild: How to Start Gambling and Earn Quick Rupees


Zelda Breath of the Wild: How to Start Gambling and Earn Quick Rupees

Put your Rupees where your mouth is.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Gambling in Lurelin Village

If you’re looking for a quick (though admittedly somewhat boring) way of making Rupees in Breath of the Wild, consider going for an extended gambling session in Lurelin Village. This little seaside community can be found in the southeastern corner of the world map, right next to the coastline. When you’re there, look for a large hut near the inn, and go in to find a man who will ask you to place your bets.

This is the gambling hut of Breath of the Wild, and with a little bit of save scumming, you can earn thousands of Rupees if you’re patient enough. Before you start, make sure to save your game. Talk to the NPC, and tell him you want to bet 100 Rupees. You can choose to bet 10 or 50 Rupees instead, but betting 100 will give you the best rewards. After that, the NPC will tell you to open one of the three chests in the room. One of these chests contains a Gold Rupee, which is basically 300 Rupees. The other two chests will only give you a measly one Rupee. You’ll want to reload your save continuously until you manage to pick the chest with the Gold Rupee, allowing you to make 200 Rupees easily.

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