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Overwatch’s Genji Has Had a Persistent Problem With His Ultimate


Overwatch’s Genji Has Had a Persistent Problem With His Ultimate

It’s been affecting Genji mains since the beta.

There has finally been confirmation about a supposed Genji bug that affects his Ultimate that has persisted since Overwatch’s beta. The problem in question affects whether his Dragonblade actually causes damage to an enemy or not.

Once a Genji player activates his Ultimate there is a small chance that the game will indicate on screen and by headphones that the enemy has been hit. In reality however, the server the player is on will not register any damage done by the blade allowing enemies to survive when the should not have.

Blizzard’s lead software engineer Bill Warnecke confirmed on that this indeed is an issue and they will begin working to fix it. He, unfortunately, could not give an exact time frame on when to expect a patch for this bug.

This may not be the only problem that Bill Warnecke and his team have to fix with Genji according to redditor /u/Ancine_. He has noted that a netcode lag can cause an enemy Genji to appear to not perform his deflect animation which can leave a player with little to no ability to avoid being hit by their own deflected attack. His deflect can also sometimes deflect an attack that is coming from behind and direct said attack in front of him at another enemy player which he shouldn’t be able to do. Genji’s deflect can also hit a target with a deflected attack even thought the player’s crosshairs are not properly lined up with the enemy.

Another issue identified by /u/Ancine_ is Genji’s dash. A Genji can be killed when utilizing his dash because there is a lag between when the player actually initiated their dash and when the server actually updates Genji’s new position. This netcode issue with Genji’s dash can also work in the user’s favor. An enemy can be hit by a Genji’s dash and have little to no chance of seeing it happen.

If these other issues are indeed confirmed by Blizzard they may have quite a bit of work to do on everyone’s favorite cybernetic ninja.

This post was originally written as Preston Lewis Jr.

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