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One Man Tests How Many Times the Nintendo Switch Can Be Dropped


One Man Tests How Many Times the Nintendo Switch Can Be Dropped

Surprisingly durable.

The Nintendo Switch released Friday, March 3 for those lucky enough to snag one, though one man decided to test how many drops to the ground the little console could survive.

YouTuber user GizmoSlip routinely puts consumer electronics through drop tests and other unfortunate situations, such as crossbows and solar “death rays,” so he took his Switch to a parking lot to see how durable it was. The test included multiple five foot drops onto concrete with the portable system falling on its screen, its back, and vertically.

The test ended after 11 drops, which GizmoSlip noted was “impressive” after the screen suffered four direct impacts and separated only a little after the last drop. The system received a lot of scratches and the control sticks became somewhat unresponsive after multiple drops, but he was able to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild throughout the video until the last fall when it refused to turn back on.

Those clumsy enough to drop the Switch that many times should invest in a case, but do not apply customizable skins to protect from scratches reportedly due to constant peeling.


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