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Nintendo Switch Skins Can Cause Surface Damage to Console

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Nintendo Switch Skins Can Cause Surface Damage to Console

Avoid those awesome vinyl skins.

The Nintendo Switch has had a fairly successful launch with the U.K reporting the number of consoles sold so far has far exceeded those of its predecessor the Wii U. However, as with any console launch there have been quite a few issues reported such as saved data being blocked and the orange screen of death. Recently, a new issue has risen not with the Nintendo Switch itself but with custom skins that can be purchased for it.

Within the last few days, numerous Nintendo Switch owners have commented that once they attempted to remove a custom skin from their Switch the console’s coating came with it. This has lead to third party skin manufacturer dbrand attempting to fix the problem by testing different adhesive materials. After numerous testing they found that even the lowest grade adhesive they could use for their vinyl skins still had a tendency to cause surface damage to the Nintendo Switch. As a result, dbrand has stated they will no longer be selling skins for the Nintendo Switch and are issuing refunds.

Another company that also sells Nintendo Switch skins called Slickwraps has not yet given up on finding a solution. They have commented on twitter saying they are currently in the process of testing over 80 different materials.

While this is unfortunate, the fact is that Nintendo Switch owners can still purchase a custom skin for their console. They just have to accept the fact that once they put it on they cannot remove it without causing surface damage to their console.


This post was originally written as Preston Lewis Jr.

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