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Miitomo Anniversary Event Will Make you want to Open the App Again


Miitomo Anniversary Event Will Make you want to Open the App Again

Items, games, and contests galore!

Remember the day we all rushed to our phones and clogged up all of our social media timelines with friend codes and photos of oddly posed Miis on colorful, whimsical backgrounds?

Miitomo, the Nintendo mobile app that allows users to create characters, or Miis, and have them interact with friends through various game-generated questions, turned a year old on March 17th. The anniversary event launched yesterday at noon PST, and will continue thru the 30th of April. Nintendo released a ton of bonuses and special event content you can collect over the next thirty days by logging into your (more than likely neglected) account. If you still play, you’ll like some of these!


Days 1-8 will earn you special first anniversary themed items:

  • Day 1: 1st Anniversary Hat
  • Day 2: Game Tickets x 3
  • Day 3: Party time wallpaper
  • Day 4: Miitomo coins x 1,000
  • Day 5: Party confetti flooring
  • Day 6: Game Tickets x 3
  • Day 7: Rosette
  • Day 8: Miitomo coins x 3,000

Miitomo Drop, a Plinko style game within the app, will feature two new Limited Edition Color Collection Stages. These are items that you can already purchase with Miitomo coins, only these are specially colored.

  • Gothic lady crown
  • Gothic lady gown
  • Wedding veil
  • Wedding gown
  • Ninja hood
  • Ninja suit
  • Swordsman’s outfit
  • Classy butler

Starting on April 1st, Nintendo will be bringing back some of the most popular and most requested by fans Miitomo Drop stages!

  • “I do! Wedding Bliss” (April 1st thru April 8th)
  • “Let nature soothe you. Forest Friends” (April 8th thru April 15th)
  • “Elegance in darkness… Gothic Fastion” (April 15th thru April 22nd)
  • “Trick or treat! Happy Halloween” (April 22nd-April 29th)

In addition, there are several other events that will take place, including a Miitomo Outfit Design Contest, a Miitomo mosaic project, and anniversary themed questions and answers that you can share with your friends, assuming you’re not the only one that still plays.


This post was originally written by Katrina Convey.

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