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Mass Effect Andromeda: What to Do with the Normandy Figure


Mass Effect Andromeda: What to Do with the Normandy Figure

What to do with the Normandy Figure on the Nexus in Mass Effect: Andromeda

During your time with Mass Effect: Andromeda, you’ll frequent the Nexus quite often. This massive space station and headquarters of the Andromeda Initiative is well worth checking exploring, and if you have, you may have stumbled upon a Normandy figure.

This Normandy figure is just a little throwback to the ship we spent so long with during previous Mass Effect titles. If you’ve picked the chrome Normandy figure up, you may be wondering exactly what you’re supposed to do with it. Well, turns out that it’s just there as a cool collectible for you to find. There are other figures of ships for you to find and purchase from merchants, too.

Once you’ve picked up the Normandy figure on the Nexus, it’ll then be transferred to the shelf above your desk in your office on the Tempest. It’s somehow a little bigger than it was when you found it, but at least you know where it’s gone.

Unfortunately, there’s no special feature or mechanic that you can activate with the figure, but at least the iconic ship lives on in chrome form.

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