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Mass Effect Andromeda Apex Missions: How to Get Them & What They Are


Mass Effect Andromeda Apex Missions: How to Get Them & What They Are

How to Get Apex Missions and What They Are in Mass Effect: Andromeda

If you’ve been checking out the Strike Missions in Mass Effect: Andromeda, you may have noticed Apex Missions being mentioned. These are essentially just like Strike Missions that you can play yourself, rather than sending a team out to do the work for you. However, it’s worth noting that there’s another set of Apex Missions as part of Mass Effect: Andromeda’s multiplayer. These multiplayer Apex missions will be story-based and will feature “new playable characters, weapons, and items.”

The first of these missions, Drack’s Missing Scouts has gone live and will be available until March 27. You can access it from your Strike Team menu’s Mission List. Simply select it and then press X on PS4 (A on Xbox One) to confirm you want to play the Apex Mission in multiplayer.

Apex Missions can be completed by sending a Strike Team, but it’s worth noting that you’ll only get certain rewards for completing them yourself. Also, your Strike Teams may kinda suck near the start, so if you want to guarantee success, you’re best just completing these yourself.

That’s all you need to know about these Apex Missions in Mass Effect: Andromeda, be sure to keep an eye out in your Missions List for the next of these story-based missions.

For more information, guides, and tips on Mass Effect: Andromeda, be sure to check our wiki.

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