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Destiny’s Elemental Raid Primaries Are Now Exotic in Age of Triumph


Destiny’s Elemental Raid Primaries Are Now Exotic in Age of Triumph

Finally! It’s happening to me!

In today’s latest and final live stream for Destiny’s Age of Triumph event, Bungie confirmed more details on how elemental primaries will be re-introduced and balanced for the remainder of Destiny 1’s life cycle. While they will be returning as previously hyped, you’ll need to be a little more strategic this time.

The elemental raid weapons were incredibly popular during the first year of Destiny due to the prevalence of elemental burn modifiers in Nightfall. This made these raid legendary weapons no-brainer choices in almost any content that had a burn effect, and most were powerful even without the burn.

This time though, the regular legendary drops on the raid primaries will no longer have elemental burn on them but, there will be exotic, adept versions of each of these weapons such as Fatebringer and Vision of Confluence that do carry the burn.

The intent here is obvious, and quite genius. The exotic and legendary versions of the guns will be equally powerful in PvP (and if you opt for the legendary version, you can still use an exotic weapon somewhere else in your load out), while the exotic Adept version will primarily be for PvE, this time a little more balanced as you’ll have to spend your exotic slot in order to use it.

Excited to finally get your properly light-leveled elemental raid weapons back? Let us know which one you’re going for first i the comments!

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