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Bungie Officially Announces Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Officially Announced

Bungie Officially Announces Destiny 2

It’s no longer just a rumor or a footnote on an investor call.

Destiny 2 is, unsurprisingly, real. Bungie finally officially announced the sequel to its hit 2014 shooter by tweeting Destiny 2’s logo today.

Some fans have been quick to note that the announcement image, which can be seen above, appears to depict the smoldering rubble of The Last City. In the original Destiny, The Last City was, as the name implies, humanity’s last bastion of civilization on Earth. Prior to what appears to be its downfall, The Last City was protected by The Traveler, the floating alien sphere that can be seen behind the giant number “2” in Destiny 2’s logo.

Bungie’s official Destiny 2 reveal follows leaks from an Italian retailer last week that ostensibly spilled the beans on the game. The leaks also pointed to a September 8 release date and a PC version — the original Destiny was only available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles — but Bungie has yet to confirm either Destiny 2’s launch date or the platforms on which it will appear.

Technically, Destiny 2 was previously announced by publisher Activision Blizzard, when it revealed during a February investor call that a Destiny sequel would be arriving at some point during fall 2017. The first day of fall this year is September 22, nearly two weeks after the date listed on the leaked Italian retailer’s poster from last week.

There is essentially no concrete info on Destiny 2 at this point other than that all characters and stats from Destiny will be reset. However, last year it was rumored that Bungie was working to make the sequel feel less desolate than the original by adding in more towns, outposts, and quests.


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